Funds Range

FundNAV dateNAVPerformance YTDReportingProspectusKIID


Share A-EUR (FR0007080155)17/10/2019315.19 EUR+7.74 %
Share A-CHF (FR0011269638)17/10/2019384.89 CHF+7.56 %
Share A-USD (FR0013192507)17/10/2019116.17 USD+9.40 %
Share I-EUR (FR0011631043)17/10/20191,334.07 EUR+8.18 %
Share I-USD (FR0013223583)17/10/20191,002.62 USD-
Share P-EUR (FR0013217007)17/10/2019110.11 EUR+8.09 %
Share U-EUR (FR0013250966)17/10/2019103.92 EUR+7.63 %


Share A-EUR (FR0011631035)17/10/2019176.63 EUR+8.62 %
Share A-CHF (FR0012055937)17/10/2019203.15 CHF+8.31 %
Share A-USD (FR0012749380)17/10/2019244.38 USD+10.70 %
Share I-EUR (FR0013073053)17/10/20191,241.69 EUR+9.14 %
Share P-EUR (FR0013247087)17/10/2019106.98 EUR+9.03 %
Share P-CHF (FR0013247012)17/10/2019101.82 CHF


Share A-EUR (FR0010392225)17/10/2019341.42 EUR+19.73 %
Share I-EUR (FR0012768836)17/10/20191,352.92 EUR+20.49 %
Share I-USD (FR0013263472)17/10/20191,258.05 USD+23.31 %
Share P-EUR (FR0013246741)17/10/2019119.99 EUR+20.40 %


Share A-EUR (FR0011656156)30/09/2019228.06 EUR+21.85 %--
Share I-EUR (FR0012536498)30/09/20191,333.72 EUR+22.35 %--
Share I-USD (FR0013240470)30/09/20191,327.92 USD+23.03 %--
Share P-EUR (FR0013247038)30/09/2019118.22 EUR+21.93 %--

On 1 October 2019, VARENNE GLOBAL SELECTION has been absorbed by VARENNE SELECTION. Please refer to the letter to Unitholders dated 26/08/2019 or contact us for more information.

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